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Rawhide Bones - Should we really be feeding them to our dogs?

So its been long since we posted last, as we've been super busy with our new venture under the Red Paws banner which you all will hopefully see very soon! (The hard works of our labour!)
So we get allot of customers buying Rawhide bones and chews for their dogs, but do we really know if we should we feeding these things to our dogs? Whats its made of? What effects does it have our dogs digestive systems ? 

We never really have ever given our dogs Rawhide bones as it just does not suit them  and whenever we did try our first dog Red (labrador) , she always used throw up with it. Phoebex(labrador) is too much of a diva to try and eat them as she does not like to chew anything that takes more than 2 minutes, Zoey (desi/indian dog) takes her her time but ends up with either puking it out or getting bad allergies and Nikki (rescued animal tested beagle) loves to eat them, swallow them up and finally ends up with either vomiting or getting a very bloated stomach. 

Our outside dogs who have been living outside they quite enjoy it as they love the taste and can't say much to whether they get sick after as they are always looking super happy to get another one after but they are sturdy dogs who have been living outside and are exposed to allot more elements not like our divas that live with us! 

So what does this white rawhide contains or what is it made out of? According to Wikipedia rawhide comes from animal skin, rawhide is what has not been exposed to tanning, its either skin of a buffalo, deer, elk or cattle and is prepared by removing all the fur, meat and fat. So its safe to say its the inner layer of an animal that is treated, shaped when dry and packed into different dog chews. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes (shoes, chips) and in flavours as well. 


So why do they love it so much!
  • Its good for their teeth as they chew it up and exercise they jaw, the moist rawhide wraps around the teeth and helps remove the nasty plaque.
  • Its good for puppies that love to chew and helps relieve teething pains for young puppies and soothes their gums. It keeps them busy from chewing your other valuables and also makes their jaws stronger.
  • They have this overwhelming smell that the dogs are just attracted towards in an instance. Obviously yes its dried animal skin they are eating, they will simply just love it!

So why not feed them this?
  • Rawhide could be poisonous as it is treated with god knows what chemicals and additives are added to make it edible for dogs and to have almost a 8 - 12 month shelf life. According to and their research on how these are made they say that the process involves the rawhide to be exposed to sodium sulpha & a solution of hydrogen peroxide,  may also include arsenic and formaldehyde. 
  • It can cause choking by blocking the airways, when chewing on a rawhide bone if the bone gets too small they dog may simply swallow it which may lead the airway to get blocked and the dog to get chocked and this can lead to serious problems and in few cases can result in death. So please please you have to monitor your dog if you are giving them rawhide bones or take them away if they get too small to chew. 
  • It can also cause gastrointestinal problems, once swallowed they can cause stomach bloating, vomiting , diarrhoea  salmonella poisoning and other issues. Rawhide bones can also expand once in the digestive system or get tangled with the dogs intestines and this causes even more serious health concerns. 
  • Lastly what you don't want to hear and may make you stay off these rawhides, a study by the Humane Society  International states that “In a particularly grisly twist, the skins of brutally slaughtered dogs in Thailand are mixed with other bits of skin to produce rawhide chew toys for pet dogs. Manufacturers told investigators that these chew toys are regularly exported to and sold in U.S. stores.”

I think the last point may put
 you off these chew bones but the decision is ultimately yours to take. But we feel like it is our job to educate you and let you know our point of view on this, the above information was gained simply by going over a few websites and through what people around the world have commented and written about. It is obviously true that if people are talking about it, there is something to be considered, lots of them have lost their dogs with rawhide bones been lodged in their throats or digestive systems and lots have said that these have not effected their dogs at all. 

But we think the main point to think about is that in a country like India do we really know where these rawhide good are coming from? In an industry at such a nascent stage of development do we really have any governing bodies monitoring or testing the ingredients that go into what we feed our dogs and other pets?

 There exists no standardisation process and the labels do not even give the ingredients correctly so how do we know what we are feeding them? How can we trust what we are buying ?

I hope we have not offended anyone with our post but we thought of writing this as none of our dogs ever took to rawhide bones but they remain ever so popular so we thought we would go through a few websites and see what people are saying around the globe. 


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Review on the Kong Squeezz Bone

So its been a long time since we have reviewed on anything! So we decided to review the Kong Squeezz Bone as we tried this product with our dogs about 3 months ago and it is still intact! Its basically the best investment for toys you can do for your destructive dogs! This is what it looks like and it comes in four attractive colours at a not so comfortable price of INR 795 ( the price is justified with its long lasting features.....keep reading!)

                    Kong Squeezz Bone : Available in four colours 

As all Kong toys this one is made up really high quality materials and what is really really great is that this particular toy has what is a "recessed squeaker" which is basically a protected squeaker that is virtually indestructible. The regular latex and rubber toys with squeakers have sort of small squeaker attached in the toy which our dog Zoey (and we sure most other dogs) targets and manages to remove with her shiny teeth (read our post on dental health) and by constant nudging of her nose in all of 5 minutes!  

 Zoey posing with her Kong Toy (she wouldn't let it go) 

In this kong toy the squeak comes from this recessed squeaker that runs along inside the toy in a tube (can be seen easily in the above picture) so even if the toy has been punctured from the outside it will squeak as long as the tube is intact. Amazing isn't it? So the price tag of INR 795 is justified considering we still have this toy going strong after almost 3 months. If your dog likes a challenge then this toy is definitely worth the buck and it makes for a great fetch toy with the safest and funnest squeak and its erratic bounce will guarantee tons of fun for you (maybe) and your dog (most definitely!) Also made up of non toxic materials! 

Available in our store (come visit us!)

Need more proof:
(only the bone shape is available in India)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Dog Treats - Review on Popular Dog Treats in the Market

We all spoil our pets by giving them that special treat that they so love! Most of them have their favourite time of the day when they get their treats, it may be tea time, breakfast time or just any time! (if you have a labrador) For us its when we get back home we have to get Phoebex, Nikki and Zoey something tasty from the store or else they get rather grumpy! (Not to forget we have sparkles to treat outside who waits for our arrival when we get back from work, after a year and a half of different treats everyday she has got rather choosy for an outside living stray doggie)

So lets see what all treats are available in the Indian Market and go through them to see what we are actually feeding our dogs!

The most famous dog treat in the Indian market has to be the Thailand import of JER HIGH. All dog owners know this brand and they come in attractive packaging, colours and many flavours. From strawberry, blueberry, banana to salami, jerky, cookies & burgers! Theres allot of flavours to pick from and most customers say their dogs have a favourite flavour. They come in 70gms and 100gms packs and recently their price has been revised and there always seems to be some confusion on their prices ( I don't know why, when its printed at the back)

Jerhigh although is really popular but its the same as us eating chips or any other junk food. It has no significant nutritional value it seems to basically be a combination the following ingredients.

  • Sugar  
  • Salt
  • Glycerine
  • Wheat Flour
  • Wheat Gluten
  • Tapioca Flour
  • Chicken Meat
  • Flavourings
[Mostly all the treats mentioned below seem to have a combination of the above ingredients, give and take one or two]

So its safe to assume its not really "healthy" but a indulgence for our pets! So be sure not to supplement this for meals and give them in proportions to your pet so they lead a healthy life and get a balanced diet.

70gms: INR 150 and 100gms : INR 200

Jerhigh stick are great for older dogs who cannot chew very hard treats or for small puppies (especially the sticks). If you have a labrador you will know how fast they can inhale these treats!

Buy online on -

[ Wheat allergic  dogs should steer clear from these treats] 

The next treat is "Lets Bite" or now its renamed "Super Bite", this comes from a company called Brit-Petfood. Again this comes in various flavours from puppy rings, chicken jerky, chicken sandwich, duck sticks and more variants. These treats seems more healthy as the ingredients simply state chicken or duck meat in most of the flavours. They also need to be refrigerated after being opened so they retain their freshness.

80gms: INR 150

The only treat as to our knowledge that come in a Duck variant.
[Safe to give to wheat allergic dogs]

Mini Fruit is another popular treat that comes from a Chinese company called pets goal, they come in allot of flavours like banana, blueberry, BBQ, strawberry, milk spoons and many more. We have absolutely no idea whats in these treats as the packaging does not mention english at all! Looks like a blend of corn starch or wheat gluten and other flavourings etc.

100gms - 130gms approx : Price varies from INR 180 - INR 225

These ones are quite hard to chew so they would not be suitable for older dogs or very small puppies. They take a little extra time to chew these ones up!
*We think they are NON- VEG! Nothing on the package mentions otherwise!

Twistix is another popular treat that is available in the Indian market, it is an US company but the treats are made in China. They come in three flavours : Vanilla Mint , Peanut and Carob & Pumpkin Spice and also in two sizes Small and Large. Small ones are great for smaller dogs and the large ones for bigger dogs! They are wheat , corn and soy free and are vegetarian for vego dog owners. Other than that these are also great to clean out the plaque and tartar as these are are harder so it takes the dogs longer to chew!

155gms  : INR 375
Value pack of 50 sticks : INR 1100
Mini 5 piece pack : INR 75

Note:  These treats are relatively hard so not suitable for older dogs but great for puppies and bigger dogs.

Buy online on -

[Wheat, soy and corn free so dogs with allergies can enjoy these]

Goodies are another favourite, they come in sticks and they come in a mixed bag of small bones as well. They again seem to be a combination of wheat gluten, rice protein glycerine and vegetable oils. Again should only be used as a treat or to keep your puppy busy when they are teething. The sticks come in four flavours but the ingredients are all the same at the back so we suppose only the colouring is different in all of them. The small bones are also the same coloured like the stick in an assorted package.

500gms: INR 450 

These are relatively soft so they are great for teething puppies and older doggies!

Buy online on -

[ Wheat allergic dogs should steer clear from these treats] 

As we were writing this blog we got the new arrival of Chip Chops that come in attractive packaging and in seven great flavours from diced chicken, chicken and cod fish rolls, strips, banana chicken, sausages, sweet potato and fish flavours. The ingredients are composed of fresh chicken, salt, glycerine and flavouring. They seem to be healthier than the rest from what we can see from the ingredients but again they are "treats" so portion control is required. 

70gms: INR 179

There are quite soft to chew so great for all dogs!

Buy online on -

*Non- Veg
[Wheat free so dogs with allergies can enjoy these]

So its safe to assume these treats are simply what they say "treats" they seem to all be a combination of wheat, starch, flavourings etc. It would not be advisable to feed your dog too many of these and keep it in check so as to not let them pile on those extra pounds. Everything above is available in store so come by shop and say hello!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Shaving your short haired dog! PLEASE don't do it! (our opinion)

Sigh! We decided to write this as summers are here and bulk of the calls we receive include the ones below:

"mujhe labra ki cutting karini hai"   - I want to get my labrador for a hair cut

"aap pug ka haaircut karte hai" - Do you cut a  pugs  hair

"mujhe st bernard (pronunced st beeeernard) ke bal katne hai , usko bahut garmi lagte hai - I want to cut my St bernards hair as he feels very hot. (We know its 43 degrees out there, were sweating too)

"mere labra ke bal bahut shedz karte hai : My labrador sheds allot? 

We try to explain these dog owners the reason for not cutting their hair as we feel its totally wrong and leads to more skin infections, skin issues, bug bites and skin cancer through exposure though the sun for these dogs.

 WHYYY! do people do it, few of them we come across just seem to have the wrong information and feel that cutting off hair will keep the hair and heat away! Yes the intention are correct as they do care for their dogs but our jobs as groomers is not to fleece people and take their money (because we totally can make more money if we take labradors haircuts ) but to provide them with our opinions so they can make an informed choice. Its SIMPLE: dogs do not sweat like people do to cool themselves,  they pant and they coat does not effect their ability to pant

Few of them when we try to give them our professional advice just don't listen and are super rude and cut the phone! Fair enough if you think you know better and if you think it suits your dog. But after we researched online and having 3 short haired dogs ourselves our strong opinion is totally against cutting of hair in these breeds. It is basically not required and your making it worse for the dog than better. Few vets and few grooming places in Delhi do not even give the pet owners the correct information and simply tell them to shave it off as obviously they make more money. It is very frustrating as vets and groomers should act in the best interest of the dogs but surprise they DONT! (money is obviously what makes the words go around)

Reasons why people want to shave them off:


-Protects them from the heat by acting as a natural insulator (both from harsh cold and heat)
-Protects from the the harsh rays of the sun so more sunburns (would you go to the beach without sunblock)
-Protects them from bug bites, dirt, debris & other natural elements
-They are more prone to skin cancer, heat exhaustion
-If you cut off the hair the shedding won't stop but they will just shed sharper, smaller hair

Breeds in which it is not required to cut off hair at all according to us:
-Dalmatians & other shorter haired coats

Breeds in which we recommend for the summer you have to get a good -UNDERCOAT REMOVAL/DE-SHEDDING treatment and possibly a slight trim on the back (hocks), under the belly (belly patch -so that when they sit on the floor they organs can cool down faster), under the neck and basically just to neaten them up and make their visual appearance tighter.

-German Shepherds
-Golden Retrievers
-Huskies (can do with only a good de-shedding treatment)
-St Bernards & more

In the above dogs what needs to be done is that the undercoat needs to be removed, this dead hair is trapped under and makes them feel hotter. Please do your research before you take such a step and don't hate us for speaking the truth!

Still need proof READ THIS and make an informed choice before heading to the groomers, we are here to help your dogs!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Know your brushes

We often come across people who do not know what sort of brushes exist for their dogs. Pugs are seen often using wide tooth combs, furminators on great danes & many more. While the intentions are correct there is very limited information that dog owners are aware of when it comes to using brushes. We have compiled below a list of brushes to the best of our knowledge , what they look like and what sort of dog breeds they be used on so your dogs hair is always looking lustrous, silky and soft!

Buy online on -


This brush is most appropriate for longer haired dogs such as poodles, shihtzus & other mixed terrier breeds. This comes in various sizes and the brush looks sort of like needles! Hence it is very important to be careful of not to put too much pressure while brushing as this may lead to brush burns on the dog. The most effective way is to make little scoops out while brushing. It is very important to learn that if this brush is used on poodles, apsos, shih-tzu and other longer haired dogs then care be taken to brush out the hair from the roots out. It will not help simply to brush on the outside as this will just brush the top coat and won't brush the hair insiside whichh is the most problematic as it leads to the formation of matts in the coat.

Thats what a slicker looks ike the ones we use in our spa,  it may look like a torture device to you and possibly the dogs feel the same! But this brush should be your longer haired dogs best friend! So its better to start early to get your dog used to being groomed , reward them after with delicious treat (possibly from our store) so that they associate it with happy time!

The harder the needles on the brush the better it is as it will last longer and help comb out the hair better, they should not be easily bendable BUT bear in mind it is very important to brush gently if done too hard it may lead to bad brush burns that will hurt your dogs skin! If you can please also buy anti tangle products, conditioning sprays etc and spray those before brushing so as to not break & damage the hair while brushing. 

  • Shih Tzu
  • Poodles
  • Bichon Frise
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Terrier Mixed Breeds
  • Pomerian
  • Cocker Spaniels - English and American
  • Maltese & other medium to long haired dogs

The ones available in store from Groom master are below:
 Small Size: INR 225/-    Medium Size:  INR 299/-      Large Size: INR 375

Shop online on -


This looks like a comb you can use on your own hair but the only difference is that the teeth are closer together so can then comb out silky hair from longer haired dogs. You may be tempted to use a human one on your dog but it is better to get one from a pet shop (Red!) so that it works well on your pet. This brush again needs to be used from the roots outwards so all the knots & undercoat can be removed properly. It is quite annoying to use this brush on your dog as it takes so loooong but it is really beneficially to keep the coat mat free. Be sure also to use detangling sprays and conditioners so that hair comb out better and don't break. The ones we use at the spa are pictured below.

  • Shih Tzu
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Terrier Mixed Breeds
  • Cocker Spaniels - English and American
  • Maltese & other medium to long haired dogs

The ones we have in store are pictured below and are in the price range of INR 275 - INR 350.


The name says it all! The teeth are very very close together to remove those nasty fleas that keep hounding your pooch! This is good to use after a flea and tick bath to help remove the dead bugs from the skin and coat.

These are available in store for INR 300

All dog breeds suffering from the uninvited guests residing in their coats!  

Shop online on -


This brush is great for dogs that tend to have allot of undercoat and need regular brushing to help remove the excess hair. The undercoat will be all the dead hair and it tends to be very soft to touch. The rake that we use in the spa is pictured below, the double row ones are good for bigger dogs that require have allot of undercoat.

Look at Bagheera below after a simple de-shedding with a rake and a de-shedder. Thats allot of hair removed all by brushing only!

  • St Bernards
  • Golden Retrievers
  • German Sheperds
  • Havanese
  • Pekinese
  • Pomerians
  • Poodles and other breeds that produce allot of undercoat! 

These are the ones available in store for INR 300 - INR 350

Shop online on -


These brushes are generally used in combination with other brushes for your dog. It is a good brush to use on most breeds but it won't really get the job done, if you know what I mean. Its a good brush for Labs, ShihTzus , Pekinese etc but we never really use it in the spa at all.

Theses are available in store for INR 275 onwards


These types of rubber brushes are great for short haired dogs and it attracts hair like a magnet! If you did not already read our blog post about these amazing brushes read it here:

As we have already written about the Rubber curry in the post above  we won't be going into the details here. But will talk about another great brush for short haired dogs very similar to the rubber curry - The Kong Zoom Groom. This brush works on the same principle like the rubber curry but it is made of better quality material that lasts longer and it rubber spikes penetrate the coat better and efficiently remove more dead hair from your dogs coat.

This is what they look like:



 Zoom Groom : Available in store for INR 845

Buy online from -

We use these in the spa and they work great but after a while the spikes start to wear out due to the friction so you will have to replace it after a while. We have been using the one below for almost 8 months so it has been used on allot of dogs but it is still going strong and we still use in the spa. It is a bit expensive but can be used for a long time and makes for a good investment.


  • Labradors
  • Pugs
  • Short Haired Chihuahua
  • Beagles
  • Short Haired Desi/Indian dogs
  • Dalmatians
  • Daschunds
  • Jack Russells
  • Basset Hounds
  • Boxers
  • Great Danes
  • Mastiffs
  • Rottweiler & many more

If you have any other concerns or want to know more then, please do send us a message and we would be happy to help you out!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Dirty smelly breath, made all minty fresh! ( Dental care for your pooch! )

Sniff your dogs breath, does it not smell like a garden of fresh roses? Do you often wonder what you could do to make your dogs breath smell better so you get those endless licks on your face!

We were also quite clueless about oral hygiene when we had our first dog Red and were quite unaware on how we could prevent her teeth and gums from getting unhealthy. These days there are quite a lot good products that are available through which you can care for your dogs oral wellbeing. Its a good idea to start sooner than later so you can ensure as your dog gets older their teeth and gums are well looked after. 

So the questions remains, how can we start? 

- Get your dog chewing toys and bones

It is a good idea to invest in good quality nylon, rope and rubber toys along with safe to consume raw hide bones. What does this do? 
  • Exercises the Jaw
  • Makes teeth stronger
  • Massages gums
  • Different texture on the toy can help scrape away soft and easy to remove tartar 
If you have punjabi grandparents like we do , I am certain you would have heard them say in one of their stories that they used to chew ganna or sugarcane when they were young & when times were simpler!  Why did they do this exactly? This used to help strengthen teeth and help keep gums and mouth clean! The fibre in the sugarcane served as a natural brush while being chewed. In villages today you can still see people chewing on sugarcane stalks. So get some sugarcane and start chewing!  The same principle is applied to your dog when it comes to chewing. 

- What products can I use for my dogs dental care?

There are now an increased number of products available in India which can help you maintain oral hygiene for your pet. Below are reviews of a few products that we have tried and tested. 

Petkin Dental Chew Toy Spray INR 699 
[Available in store now]
Buy it online on -
This spray is really good as you just have to spray it on your dogs toy that they love to chew and voila! The chew toy spray will help keep the plaque and tartar at bay and the solution is odourless and as they say "works invisibily"

Petkin Liquid Oral care INR 599 
[Available in store now]
Buy it online on -
This product is great and very easy to use. All you have to do is simply add the solution to your dogs clean drinking water. It lasts very long as well and we noticed with our dogs it really did help keeping the bad breath away. You only have to put a capful into 250ml so we generally added about 2 capfuls to their drinking water bowl and this product also lasted quite long and proved effective. 

Petkin Plaque Spray INR 699 
[Available in store now] 
Buy it online on -
Now this spray has to be sprayed about 5 -6 times all over the teeth and gums. If your dog is a patient one like the lab we have then its easy to apply but if they jump at the sight of a spray bottle like most dogs then its better to get the liquid oral care. This seemed to work quite well on Phoebex and lasted quite long, its been 2 weeks since we started using this and we would have used up only 1/4th of the bottle.

Pet Head Teeth Wipes 
INR 710 [Available in store now]
These wipes are fairly simple just rub them over the teeth to wipe them clean. Again we would think this would be a bit tedious and most dogs are not happy and not so patient with keeping their mouth open and getting their teeth wiped! Nevertheless a client had used these wipes and she said they worked fairly well on her Yorkie. 

Other than the products above there are also dog tooth brush and brushing kits available. Again this proves to be quite tedious but if your dog is patient and loves to get some teeth cleaning time then again it is advisable to do so. Please do not use HUMAN TOOTHPASTE as this is not good for your dogs tummy. Use the brush and slowly in circular motion brush your dogs teeth like you would do so to your own teeth. These kits are available from INR 250 - INR 400 and obviously they are available in store!!

Alternatively you made need to take your dog for teeth scaling if the tarter and plaque deposits are really bad. (The yellow deposits your dogs teeth). There are vets who provide teeth scaling to keep your dogs teeth clean. We had Phoebex get her teeth scaled as her tarter just needed to be cleaned out as it had gotten quite bad. The procedure was very simple and her teeth were shiny as new after she was done and the bad breath was GONEE! We recommend going to Dr Chaudhary's Pet Clinic in Anand Niketan as they are simply the best and most experienced vets in town from our opinion and always do an amazing job with dogs (both pet and stray). The procedure cost about INR 4000 and was worth every penny we spent! Visit them at:

Our pick from the products above would be the Liquid oral care! Just because it is easy to use , cost effective and works quite well.

Flash that sexy smile! Like zoey does! 

*Please keep in mind what we are writing about in this blog is though our own experiences with our dogs. We do not know the fancy medical names for the different gum and teeth issues, this information is just for the general wellbeing of your pet. In few cases when the problem is severe it would be better to advise with your vet as more extreme measures may have to be taken to fix the problem.

Buy Dental, Ear & Eye products online on -

Friday, 28 March 2014

The groomer said my dog is matted! What does this mean?

We decided the write this blog entry on matted dogs as it seems dog owners have very little information as to what a MAT is! We get dogs that are completely matted looking like ragmuffins  and once we tell the owners that there is nothing we can do other than shave off the close and tight matts they flip out! Everyone wants their Shih Tzu's, Apso , Poodles, Bichons, Maltesers and other long haired dogs to have long hair but what they do not realise is that it takes allot of effort to maintain long hair on these breeds. They need to be brushed atleast 2 times a day to keep their hair and coat tangle free!

So what is a Mat?
It simply means that your dogs hair have gotten tangled! Look below to see what a matted dog looks like! The hair have become severely tangled and the knots have become very tight. This almost must feel like bricks on the poor dog. Imagine not brushing your hair for a week! (Unless your into dredlocks) 

Matted poodle mix  - May not seem so bad but look below   
We had no choice but to shave it all off as the mats were so tight and close to the skin. A carpet of hair came off her!

Why are mats bad for the dogs?

Mats that are very severe can be painful for your dogs. Imagine your hair becoming so tangled that it starts pulling on your scalp, thats exactly how the dog will feel. It can also irritate the skin causing infections, ulcers etc . One time we had got a dog with a mat going around his paw like a bangle, in cases like this if the matt is not tended to on time then it can cause the circulation to be cut off! Other than  that it can also lead to more ticks and fleas. Basically mats are excruciatingly painful and seriously need to be tended to on time! So much so that in some countries if the dog is severely matted then it is considered a serious animal abuse offence. 

But I brush my dog, then why does he/she have mats?

The reason for this is incorrect method and tools of brushing your dogs particular coat. Most people either tell their staff to brush the dog or the caretaker (from what we have encountered in the spa) and what mistake is made here is that the coat is only brushed from the top . What really needs to be done is the the hair need to be parted near the skin and the hair need to be brushed from the skin outwards. Brushing only the top coat is not going to help keep your dog mat free! 

It may just seem that we could simply brush the Shih Tzu above, give him a bath and a nice blow dry but what you can't see is all the matted hair underneat his coat! Look what he got shaved down to below. We really should have taken a picture while his matts were being meticulously removed! The owners here again had no idea what a mat was or how they had to brush or how harmful these are for their dog. They seemed to really love the dog but again they did not have the proper information on how to care for their shih tzu, hopefully after they had a discussion with the groomer they will be more thorough with his appointments. 

Why can't the groomer just cut off the mats that exist and leave the rest of the coat length? 

Only small and loose mats can be cut off easily, the ones that are tighter and closer the the skin need to be shaved off. And the amount that can be shaved off depends on how close the mat is to the skin. 

How to avoid mats?

Its fairly simple all you have to do is brush your dog regularly and use the correct tools. If you are unsure then please ask your groomer. Take your dog regularly for their appointments and if you are giving your dog a bath at home PLEASE BE SURE to brush your dog before you give them a bath and if there are too many matts that cannot be brushed out it is better to take them to a professional to get the matts removed first. This is because bathing a dogs with tight matts will only make the matts more tight! 

Have attached a little chart to help understand better. 


Courtesy :